Architecture and Design

The Adivasi Academy is designed by the eminent architect Karan Grover in keeping with the Adivasi aesthetics and the local surroundings. The buildings, all created in exposed brick and brick-jaalis, combining features of local architecture and historical monuments found in the area.The buildings on the campus have been built brick by brick with the support of the Adivasi community and well wishers of Bhasha. It took nearly four years of continuous construction work for the Museum and Library, the first major buildings of the Academy to be completed, so intricate is the craftsmanship invested in creating the combination of simplicity and majesty. The Advisors to the Academy and the Community of Activists associated with the Academy decided not to have any formal ‘inauguration’ ceremony for the structure. Instead, they decided to install a plaque declaring that the structure, which is named Vachaa, The Voice, has been blessed by Mahashweta Devi on the 15th August 2004.