Community Researcher

In the early days of the Academy, it was decided that formal educational qualification need not be the most serious consideration for being appointed as faculty or researcher at the Academy. During the early days when the Adivasi Academy offered PG Diploma and Certificate Courses, the faculty was drawn from within the communities. At least one batch of students was trained by Shri Mansing Rathwa, who has never attended a school, but is a renowned painter of Pithora, and Dr. Bhagwandas Patel, a highly accomplished folklore scholar—forming a single team for conducting classes for Museuology students. Similarly, Mrs. Eileen Coates, an artist from Ireland, and Ms. Alice Tilche, then a fresh graduate from London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, formed a team to teach the same group of students. Young journalists and expert film makers have come together to teach the students of Media Studies. Rajmohan Gandhi, Narayanbhai Desai, Mahasweta Devi, Justice M. N. Venkatachaliah, Dilip Chitre have lectured the students, sitting on the rock under the famous Mahuda Tree at the Academy, and lectured students ranging from 7 to 30 in age.

In recent years, the Adivasi Academy has shifted focus to research and studies on Adivasi Communities. However, it continues its earlier practice and involves community members to carry out research studies. This has contributed to new insights into Adivasi culture and society and created spaces for Adivasi knowledge in the domains of education and development.